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Tips for Using Google Plus to Improve Search Rankings

Posted by Larry Levenson on April 27, 2012

Several people have told me in the past few days that they don't use Google Plus. They say it looks like Facebook, but no one is there.

tips for using google plus to improve search rankingsSure, Google Plus does look like Facebook, with its news feed, comments, photo sharing, groups, etc. But there is one critical difference that these folks didn't understand. . . Google Plus is a GOOGLE product and is fully integrated into search results. Therefore, you can use Google Plus to improve your search rankings. In fact, I'm willing to bet that that is why Google+ was created!

I think the smart people at Google invented the +1 button to build revenue. Here's why.

The +1 button is showing up everywhere, from organic and paid search results to blog posts, YouTube videos, and product listings. And every time you click on +1, it feeds Google's advertising engine, allowing them to match more targeted ads to you and everyone connected to you through your Google account. More data means better targeting, which translates into more revenue for Google.

How the +1 button will improve your search rankings

The +1 button will indirectly affect your search results and SEO rankings.

If you click the +1 button at the bottom of this article (please do!), that indicates a social endorsement for this post. Later in the day, Susan, who is a Google contact of yours, does a search for "google plus" and the link to this page shows up with a picture of you underneath it and your "endorsement" of this post. Wow!

  • This post gets more visitors because people are more likely to click.
  • They are more likely to buy or convert because of your endorsement
  • The site get a higher than expected click-through rate which boosts its ranking in search results.

You might want to pause here, and go add the Google Plus button to your website!

So think about this: the more people that are in your Google+, the larger this effect will be on traffic, conversion and rankings.

Unlike other social media platforms, Google Plus let's you add full-length posts. And the more you "feed" it, the more Google can index and produce the search results that help your traffic, conversions and rankings.

The take-away: build a large Google+ "universe" and create more great content. This will definitely improve your search engine results, and increase your revenue (more conversions).

And while we're talking about Google Plus, please +1 this post and follow me on Google+

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