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How to Get Fast Results with Inbound Marketing

Posted by Larry Levenson on July 11, 2012

My secret: There IS a way to get fast results from your inbound marketing efforts.

secret sauceEveryone says it takes time to produce inbound marketing results. And in fact, I agree. But all of us love to produce some quick results to show ourselves (or our boss) that we're on the right track. Let me share with you the methodology we use with our clients.

1. Create content and share it

Write lots of fresh, new content about your products/services for your website or blog and also post articles on industry-specific topics. Use your blog to answer customer questions and provide industry insider knowledge. Write a press release once a month and share it on your blog, and on Facebook and LinkedIn. Share your blog posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media platforms as appropriate for your audiences.

GOAL: Post to your blog every weekday, 400-600 words.

2. Create CTAs and landing pages

Create calls-to-action (CTA's) for the most visited pages/posts on your site and link them to related landing pages that showcase your most compelling offers. Create 2 offers with readily-available content. Checklists, top ten tips, or other content that you can quickly pull together from existing sources is what's wanted here. Create a landing page for each of your offers. Then create 2 calls-to-action for each of your offers. Add these CTAs to the sidebar of your website and put one CTA at the bottom of every blog post.

GOAL: Develop some immediate leads. (A "lead" is someone who gave you their email address in return for access to your offer.)

3. Segment lists: Email campaign

Send an email to everyone you know, with a link to your offer on its landing page. Also offer these recipients the option to follow you on social media and subscribe to your blog. Send your offer out to friends, customers, prospects, and anyone else you can think of. You want a LOT of people to know about this amazing offer -- let them decide whether they want to take advantage of it. Don't forget to add a "forward to a friend" link in your email, as well as you social media icons so they can go directly from the email to your social media profile(s).

4. Increase organic search results with optimized content

Discover long-tail keywords that drive leads to your website. Make sure you're following the simple best practices of optimizing every post and page on your website.

GOAL: Increase the number of site visitors that find you through search engine results (organic search).

Some people ask me why the search engine optimization is last on this list, instead of first on the list. The answer is that this SEO work will not produce immediate results. And immediate results are what we're after here. However, SEO lays the foundation for ALL future results, so it is the very next thing to do once you've sent out the email blasts.

The Takeaway

You can leverage what you know about inbound marketing to produce some fast results. These results should include new leads, and a lot of people knowing that things are changing on your website and blog.

With these results as a foundation, you can go on to add lead nurturing campaigns, other forms of content, and all the other components of a success long-term inbound marketing strategy.

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