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Colleges Should Have Up-to-date Marketing Training Programs [video]

Posted by Larry Levenson on July 27, 2012

college marketing training programEveryday we find that the people we speak with about marketing are confused. They know that the old ways of marketing (yellow pages, TV ads, telemarketing, and print) are expensive, not as effective as they used to be, and that it's very hard to measure results from these campaigns. These people think that the "answer" is online marketing and analytics, but they are confused about how to move ahead. Which tools to use? How to measure results? What staff to hire? Are there any qualified people in the job pool?

At the same time, most colleges keep turning out Marketing BA's that are ill-prepared for the real world circa 2012. Marketing automation, marketing analytics, marketing software, inbound marketing strategies, and content marketing are not part of these graduates' experience or lexicon.

Colleges and universities need to update their marketing programs at the bachelor's level to reflect current marketing practices in order to prepare their students for today's jobs (and tomorrow's jobs!).

What Colleges Should Be Teaching Marketing Majors

Lauren Carlson ( sat down with seasoned marketing experts from Hubspot and Silverpop to discuss what skills today's marketers need in order to be successful.

What should colleges be teaching their marketing students? What skillsets or knowledge-sets are in short supply in your area?

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